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Our standards aren't standard

Let’s face it. Most of us get used to looking at our windows streaky and dirty and we subconsciously set the idea that it’s just how our windows look. In reality, your windows are supposed to look like there is nothing there. The glass is supposed to barely be noticeable (unless its polarized). Over time, its natural for your windows to pick up dust, grime and pollen from the trees. This will leave your windows looking glazed, with dirt streaks. All that can easily be cleaned with our proper tools and techniques.

Uncompromising quality and service

Our tools do not include extension poles. We are proud to say that we don’t use extension poles to clean our 2nd and 3rd floor windows. Instead, every window we clean is done by hand, to ensure we leave a squeaky-clean streak-less window. Will this take longer as opposed to using extension poles? Maybe. But we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. We strongly believe in accomplishing the task correctly our first time. If for whatever reason we ever leave a window streaky or uncleaned properly, do not worry. I guarantee we will return asap to fix the issue.


Frequently Asked Questions...

Will my windows be cleaned by hand or with a water fed pole?

All windows are cleaned BY HAND, up to 3 floors high. Water fed poles may complete some jobs faster, but they’re also susceptible to leaving drips and don’t remove paint and/or silicone residue that window washing by hand does.

What is included in our window cleaning service?

Apart from the glass, all window trim and screens (if applicable) are cleaned as well. Any mud dauber by the windows (within reach) will also be removed. Our work is always double checked to ensure no streaks or drip marks are left behind.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Depending on your location, our window cleaning services should be used 2-3 times a year. Similar to your gutter cleaning, windows surrounded by trees tend to receive dirt and grime faster than windows with limited trees in close proximity. Humidity also plays a big role. The climate of Houston Tx is classified as a humid subtropical climate, with tropical influences. In these conditions, dirt and mold will find it easier to (set up shop) on your windows. Having your windows washed regularly will inhibit mold growth from damaging your window trim and seals.

Will my plants and shrubs be safe while my windows are being washed?

Yes. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, so your landscape will be unharmed even directly below the windows. Our crew members are also well trained to work their way around shrubs and plants to avoid damaging. If potted plants are blocking windows, we carefully move them out the way, wash the window then move them back.

We provide our cleaning service to all areas of Houston even Sugar Land, Missouri City, Cypress, Rosenberg, the Woodlands, League City, Galveston, Katy, Richmond, Bellaire, Memorial, West University and the River Oaks area