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Our crew members at Zaba Cleaning are specialized in pressure washing all types of surfaces including stucco homes and slate patios. Our pressure washing machines are equipped with a special function which allows them to increase/decrease the output of the machine at any given time. There is no such thing as a standard psi (pounds per square inch) when it comes to pressure washing. Different surfaces require different pressure depending on what it is that is being washed and careful procedures must be done to avoid damaging. Homes for example require a lot less pressure when washed relative to a concrete driveway. Along with homes, slate patios also use a reduction of pressure to avoid flaking.

Quality Control with Care

Our crew members are well trained to asses every cleanable surface and when homes are washed, precautionary measures are taken to avoid causing damage to anything delicate, fragile or electronic. These special procedures include covering all electronics, delicate plants, furniture, and the removal of anything close enough to the home that can be in the way.

Concrete Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing a Home

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is my home safe to pressure wash?

Generally speaking, all exterior walls and ceilings of a home are safe to pressure wash with the exception of wooden stained surfaces (without a protective layer of polyurethane). If we find wooden doors/ceilings around your home, we simply just spray that area with low pressured pure water and no cleaning detergents. Everything else including siding, stucco, slate, limestone, brick/masonry will be fine even painted surfaces.

How often should I pressure wash my home?

Typically in Houston, you’d be fine pressure washing your home once a year. Different factors come into play, such as the amount of trees surrounding your neighborhood. The more trees you have around your home, the more likely you will have mold growing on your exterior walls. A good way to determine if your home needs our pressure washing services is to inspect the exterior and look for moldy spots and bug leftovers such as spider webs. Here in our humid city of Houston TX, a warm climate provides a perfect place for little critters to settle on your home.

Will my yard, plants and electronics stay safe?

Electronics such as fans, cameras, TV’s and electrical outlets are covered before the washing begins. Potted plants are either covered with plastic sheets or moved out the way (depending on their size). Yards and gardens will be fine, our cleaning solutions are diluted and eco-friendly.

We provide our cleaning service to all areas of Houston even Sugar Land, Missouri City, Cypress, Rosenberg, the Woodlands, League City, Galveston, Katy, Richmond, Bellaire, Memorial, West University and the River Oaks area